Tour Overview

Wine Tour


Duration: 5 days / 4 nights.


     DAY 1:

* Arrival in Tbilisi;
* Meeting with representatives of the host company Meeting at the airport with the representatives of the host party "TRAVEL STUDIO", who will accompany you during your trip to Georgia. Every day on this hospitable land you will experience unforgettable adventures;
* Transfer to the hotel;
* Accommodation in a hotel of the chosen category.

Tbilisi is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, with its own unique style and special charm. Tbilisi is bright, warm, soulful, contrasting, tasty and very hospitable. It is difficult to tell about Tbilisi, it is necessary to visit and experience this amazing and unique city.

   DAY 2:

* Breakfast in the hotel;
* Sightseeing tour of Tbilisi and the ancient capital of Georgia - Mtskheta;
* Wine tasting in "Vineria"

Breakfast in the hotel. Departure to Mtskheta (UNESCO heritage) is the first capital of Georgia and in fact the heart of Georgian civilization. The city was founded in the second half of the 1st millennium BC. Visiting the Jvari Monastery (Holy Cross) - Georgian Orthodox Church of the VI century, which stands on a hill opposite the old capital of the city, where the Aragvi and Mtkvari rivers merge. Visit to Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (XI century). This is a holy place for every Orthodox. In this cathedral is stored the chiton of Jesus Christ, in which he was crucified.

Return to Tbilisi. Visiting the historical part of the city: the ancient Metekha temple, erected in the XII century. and served as a chapel of the Georgian royal family; the Narikala fortress is the soul of Tbilisi (the same age as the 4th century); Sulfur Baths (Abanotubani) is a district in the center of Tbilisi, famous for its complex of sulfur baths, standing on natural sulfur sources, the Synagogue; Mosque; Cathedral of Sion - cathedral - built in the VI-VII centuries; Then you can stroll along the street Sharden - this street is famous for its cozy cafes, restaurants, art galleries. And, of course, you will definitely visit Anchiskhati (VI c), which is the oldest surviving church in Tbilisi, consecrated in honor of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin.

Wine tasting in the "Vineria" room is a multifunctional, lecture space of a museum type with an ethnographic character that, through information and cognitive and practical events, fully represents both the history and the current trends of Georgian winemaking.

Here our guests have an opportunity not only to get acquainted, but also to take part in a direct visual demonstration of traditional methods of wine production, as well as to become a participant of programs demonstrating the process of manufacturing other traditional Georgian products.

At the end of the day, travel along Shota Rustaveli Avenue. The prospectus houses a large number of government, public, cultural and commercial buildings, including the Parliament of Georgia, the Kashveti Church, the Georgian Academy of Sciences, the National Museum of Georgia, the Opera and Ballet Theater, the Shota Rustaveli Theater, the Tbilisi Russian Drama Theater named after AS Griboedov and others. (The length of day moving is 70 km.).

      DAY 3:

* Breakfast in the hotel;
* Excursion to Kazbegi;
* Jeep tour in Kazbegi.

Breakfast in the hotel. Excursion towards Stepantsminda (Kazbegi). On the way you will visit the picturesque fortress Ananuri (XVII century.), Located above the river Aragvi, and you will also see the amazing beauty of the Zhinvali Reservoir. On expensive - the mountain resort of Gudauri (2200m.) And the cross pass (2400m.). This part of the Georgian Military Road is one of the most beautiful places, thanks to its picturesque nature and breathtaking panorama.

Visiting and viewing the Gergetsky temple of the "Holy Trinity" founded in the XIV century. The temple is located in the most beautiful place of Georgia - in the mountains at an altitude of 2170 m above sea level. In Russian literature, this Temple and the Monastery are known by the poem A.S. Pushkin "Monastery on Kazbek".
You will reach the Trinity Church on Mitsubishi Delica SUVs. From the Gergetsky temple you can see a stunning view of the icy peak of the Kazbegi mountain (5033 m above sea level). One of the five 5000-meter peaks in the Caucasus. According to Greek myths, here, in the territory of distant, inaccessible and majestic Caucasian mountains, was chained to the top of Prometheus for its disobedience to the gods.

Then go down to the Daryal Gorge - the "Gate of the Caucasus" on the border of Russia and Georgia. There you will visit the monastery complex of the holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel. (XXI century). Return to Tbilisi. (The length of daytime crossing is -330 km.).

    DAY 4:

* Breakfast in the hotel;
* Excursion to Kakheti (Bodbe, Signagi, Kvareli);
* Lunch (tasting of 4 varieties of wines, a master class for cooking a real Georgian shish kebab);
* Event in Kvareli, in the wine cellar - "Javakhishvilis Cellar"
* Return to Tbilisi.

On this day you will go to Kakheti (the cradle of winemaking). Kakheti is famous for its vineyards and unique ways of making wines. You will visit the Female Monastery - Bodbe (IV-XII cc.), Where according to historical sources the Holy and Equal-to-the-Apostles Nino, the educator of Georgia, is buried. Moving to Signagi - "the city of love and music". The city is bounded by a 4.5 kilometer walled fortress. The fortress has 5 entrances and 28 watchtowers. Walk through the medieval town of Sighnaghi, from where you can enjoy panoramic views of the Alazani Valley and the Great Caucasus Range with snow-capped peaks.

Next - departure to Kvareli. Wine cellar - "Javakhishvilis Cellar", the region of Kakheti. This is the place where you can find peace, relaxation, delicate and comfortable surroundings, Georgian cuisine with its delicious dishes and most importantly - Georgian amazing wine. Wine is produced in accordance with Kakhetian methods - in earthenware, which gives the wine a special delicate taste and aroma. The wine is naturally filtered and not chemically processed.

Here you will take part:

* Inspection of the cellar;
* The process of baking bread in a turn (Georgian oven);
* Preparation churchkhely;
* Tasting 4 kinds of wine and chachi, tasting board (cheese, churchkhela, dried fruits, walnuts);
* Master class for cooking khinkali and Khachapuri;
* Preparation of a real Georgian shish kebab.

Return to Tbilisi. (The length of day moving is -340 km.).

   DAY 5:

* Breakfast in the hotel;
* Excursion around Tbilisi;
* Airport transfer.

Breakfast in the hotel. Then visit the Tbilisi Botanical Garden, which is located in the heart of the capital of Georgia south of the Sololaki Ridge, in the valley of the Tsavkisstskali River. Like many attractions, it dates back to the end of the 19th century, when the royal garden was destroyed here. The area is 128 hectares, several beautiful bridges, in the collection of 3500 rare plants. There are fountains and waterfalls. Mtatsminda Mountain. It is interesting both as a natural phenomenon, as a place of entertainment, and as a holy place - because of the temple of Father David. Park (and children's entertainment), observation deck. From the mountain descent down the path down to the city through the Pantheon - one of the most famous places in Tbilisi - both religiously and culturally.

Lunch at a small Laghidze cafe, here we will try khachapuri in Adjara and try the delicious lemonade "Laghidze" (I recommend trying a lemonade with a taste of cream and chocolate, a very unusual and interesting combination).

Visit the fair in the old district of the city. If you want to buy something in memory of Tbilisi, go to the famous Dry Bridge market. In the open air everything is sold here: unique handicrafts, rare items, ceramics, plates, old books, watches and much more. At the vernissage exhibition, you can buy wonderful paintings of local artists.

Free time. Airport transfer. Happy homecoming.