Tour Overview

Tbilisi – The capital city of Georgia, known as an ancient crossroad between Europe and Asia, was founded in the 5th century and was built on naturally warm sulfur springs that can still be spotted in the old part of the city. The legend has it that these warm waters are the reason of the city being called Tbilisi (“Tbili” meaning warm in literal translation from Georgian).Tbilisi together with Budapest is one of the two capital cities in the world offering recreational spas and baths, built on the very hot springs, the city was founded on.
For centuries Tbilisi sulfur baths have been places not for just hygienic purposes, but also for people to get together, socialize, exchange information and just enjoy themselves. Nowadays they are favorite relaxing places for locals as well as for the guests of the city. Sulfur water cleanses and smoothens skin; it helps to cure various skin diseases. If you wish to make the most of the sulfur bath it is a good idea to enjoy the massage offered by a so called Mekise.Tbilisi is the main connection center for the rest of the regions of Georgia. The railway system runs daily and operates extremely well.